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Today is: Wed Dec 2 @ 19:15:24 2020
خَيْرُكُمْ مَنْ تَعَلَّمَ الْقُرْانَ وَعَلَّّمَهُ
Quran Learning
One To One Basis

The best among you is that who learns The Quran and teaches It.

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Welcome to alQuran with Tajweed . Com
How Does It Works It is very easy to learn online. You just need a computer or laptop, Internet connection and headphone with microphone.

How It Works

Our process

Just clicking on registration, filling in students detail and pressing the submit button, will start our coordination. You will be then contacted to confirm the timing and inform the software requirements. . We work 18/7.This makes us capable to be flexible in timing and in most cases students find the timing they are looking for.

Hard wares

1. A personal laptop / computer
2. An Internet connection DSL/Cable
3. Headphones with microphone


We work through the following software.
You are requested to
1. Download the Skype from www.skype.com and create the Skype ID.
2. Add alQuranwithTajweed to you so that we can coordinate through Skype.
3. Download Cross loop from www.crossloop.com
4. Run setup for cross loop. It will make possible for you to see the tutor’s screen.
5. Start your free trial. Click the link in the site www.alQuranwithTajweed.com.

After your free trial, if you are satisfied, you can coordinate with our Administration to continue your regular classes. At a pre-agreed time, teacher and student come online. With the help of Internet based software, they talk to each other and through computer and screen sharing software they can see the same lesson on their computer screen as there teacher during the class. Teacher can highlight letters and words of the Quran to enhance the understanding of the student.
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